Everyone can experience consistent inner peace.

I am here to support you in that.

Chris Dub Kundalini
- Tantric Kundalini Yogi, Ceremony Facilitator & Intuitive Healer

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Chris is a Intuitive Healer specializing in emotional maturation, Tantric Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Yoga Alliance Certified, Plant Medicine Ceremony Facilitator & Quan Yin Energy Healing Facilitator. Along with this he teaches Meditation, Self-Awareness Practices, Energy Alchemy, Trance Dance Classes, Events & Workshops . Chris facilitates Transformational Retreats, 1 on 1 Full Circle Soul Evolution Programs & is also the founder of Soul Guided... a Community Healing & Empowerment Network.

Chris has undergone intensive mental, emotional, spiritual & bodily cleansing, subconscious re-programming and self-inquiry into his true nature to move through severe anxiety, OCD, depression & chronic pain to find a wealth of self love & wisdom since 2009.

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Tantric Kundalini Yoga
Collective Evolution

Join Kundalini Yogi, Transformational Teacher, Emotional Intuitive Healing Facilitator & Ceremony Facilitator Chris Dub for a Tantric Kundalini Yoga Series where we collectively evolve and grow together each class.
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Gut Health & Spirituality

A healthy gut helps prepare the body for a healthy spirit, boosts immunity and is a support for physical healing. 




We offer grass-fed and finished bio-available collagen protein-rich "Best of the Bone" broth concentrate products for gut, joint and skin health.

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Silent Meditation Sit (Online) || Tuesday March 8th & 22nd 12pm - 1pm


Community Sharing Circle (Online) || Friday March 11th, 7pm - 8:30pm


Plant Medicine Wisdom & Support Circle (Online) || Every Other Tues 5pm - 6pm



Community Potluck (In Person) || Friday March 25th, 6:30pm - 10pm

Limited space. To RSVP email: [email protected]


Co-working Mondays (In Person) || 2pm - 5pm

Limited space. To RSVP email: [email protected]



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  • "Chris has a sparkling energy that's both playful and grounded. This beautifully sets the stage for any of his offerings. I've been attending his kundalini yin yoga sessions and they have been a highlight of my week. They offer the perfect level of challenge to get energy moving, while being gentle enough for the opportunity to bring more presence to your body and your experience. The classes are guided in a clear way that speaks volumes to the time and energy Chris has invested in his personal development and the development of his offerings. I'm deeply grateful for the opportunity to practice with Chris, and I'm looking forward to future ones!"
    Nathalie Delorme
  • "I thoroughly enjoy Chris’ kundalini yoga classes. Going through the sequence of chakra balancing and activating alignments feels invigorating to the soul and body. My heart expands after each class with a sense of lightness and loosened muscle tension. I enjoyed the option for daily yoga practice on my own. It’s a lovely series with many health and energetic benefits. Thank you Chris! Saat Nam"
    Mandika Divya
  • "Chris holds amazingly safe space as he takes you on epic journeys through the body and into realms beyond using sacred breath and movement techniques"
    Christina Love
  • "Chris is a brilliant compassionate man with the best intentions. His level of skill and knowledge in Kundalini Yoga combined with his flexibility of person and easy kindness enables him to be an awesome facilitator, plus he is just a great guy. Thanks Chris for all you do!"
    Patti Kain
  • "Chris has incredible energy that’s absolutely inspiring, radiant and heart-opening. Truly a gift to anyone who participates in his yoga sessions. His practice is both grounding and uplifting as it enriches your mind, body and soul. Any practice with Chris is a beautiful experience and an-opening of the self. The journey during and after Chris’ classes are enlightening, releasing, and beautifully-loving. A must for anyone who wants to enter the kundalini journey, and/or heal through self-love and acceptance."
    Joanne Schwindt
  • "Chris is one of the most loving and compassionate teachers I've ever worked with. He is deeply committed to yoga, and sharing it is part of his loving approach to the world. He is knowledgeable, happy to share what he knows, and is always learning more about how to be healthy and happy. I always feel heard and respected at Chris's classes, I always learn something new, I always feel gently pushed to challenge myself, and I always feel refreshed and invigorated afterwards. And I always feel grateful for his beautiful, loving light in my life. "
    Joshua Lesk
  • "Chris is one of the most heart-warming people I know. It is always a treat to take one of his classes "
    Melissa Tessler
  • "His heart, compassion, knowledge and exchanging through the third eye."
    Shahla Saha Imani
  • "Extremely powerful experience with high energy flow to release blockages and add life force into your day, week and future. Chris has an uncanny way of syncing with your life needs, as well as allowing your natural energy to come into flow. Perfect for enhancing your daily life and to become the person you want to become! "
  • "My experience with Chris in his intuitive healing sessions has been profound. Chris anchors a skilled, balanced and wise consciousness frequency. The comprehensive, intuitive wisdom that Chris embodies and offers has met me where I am and alchemized great healing. The frequency he is anchoring has transmitted downloads for the evolution of my consciousness. I have felt very seen, honoured and compassionately understood in all of my processes as an evolving soul within the safe holding space of our sessions. We have gone very deep into wounds within me and as a result of opening vulnerably and honestly in our sessions I have experienced beautiful transformations. I feel blessed to work with him and would dearly recommend sessions with Chris to anyone ready to receive."
    Alley H - (April 2021 – Online Healing & Empowerment Sessions)
  • "Chris' energy is so inviting and safe. He allows for you to show up as you are with no judgment. I came into the intuitive session feeling anxious and holding some grief- he guided me on a meditation that allowed me access to my subconscious so I could become heart centered and move out of these lower emotions. I felt like my true self by the end of the session, and left with a helpful write up from Chris of my experience, challenges and remedies. I also received a recorded meditation which I have been using daily. I highly recommend a session to anyone needing support!"
    Caila C - (April 2021 – Online Healing & Empowerment Sessions)